Virtual Server

30/06/2016 - 11:49

Virtual Server - VM is a method of divide a physical server into multiple private servers. Each server is a completely separate system, run a private operating system, sole discretion to management and restart the system. VM server to be used for small and medium businesses, that need to have private server can remote administration,  install software on demand that are not restricted in terms of setting the engine room, ensure environmental action for the server, multiple servers able to build a service that allows users to backup data or data file transfer between branches is easy, fast, secure.

With investment downtrend and switch to using services as the current, hiring virtual server is the optimal solution for businesses with some applications as follows:

  • Development, provide services
  • Email system for business
  • Create an environment for programming, data analysis, research ...
  • Data storage online.
  • Promote Website for business

The advantages compared with traditional server solutions:

  • Allow flexible remote administration, server backup and recovery mechanisms safely, efficiently
  • Upgrade hardware is easy, efficient without interruption service, restart the server.
  • To be protected by a firewall system multiple layers access.
  • Saves operating costs, maintenance and manage devices

Pente provide Virtual Server Services with optimal features such as:

  • Activity purely as a private server with the highest administrator rights, security.
  • Supply 01 Static IP for administrative purposes, promote data with high speed internet connection.
  • Convenience in the process of upgrade system resources such as RAM, HDD…

Price list of Virtual Server Service:



Monthly service charge

I- VM Standard 

vCPU, 2GBRAM, 40 GB Storage.

 VND      1,400,000

   Firewall sharing

   Load balancing sharing

   Support VPN layer 2/3, IP Sec

II- Additional Internet

bandwidth sharing

(Best Effort)

Optimized for Public Cloud for business, organizations


01 static IP.

 VND      1,000,000

Internet bandwidth sharing: 100
Mbps domestic, 10 Mbps international

III- Dedicated Internet

bandwidth Charges

(with QoS) 

Optimized for application deployment

demand of the business


10Mbps domestic bandwidth
512Kbps international bandwidth

 VND        500,000

De-NIX/ unit price

Domestic bandwidth 10Mbps

 VND        180,000

De-ISP/ unit price

International bandwidth 1Mbps

 VND        500,000

IV- VM upgrade charges

01 v CPU

 VND        400,000


 VND        100,000

10 GB Storage

 VND          85,000


 VND        100,000

V-Add on service

Dedicated firewall

 VND      2,000,000


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