UPS Infrastructure

30/06/2016 - 11:59

UPS - Uninterruptible Power Supply is device provides continuous source or redundant storage of electricity to increase power supply reliability for the system.

UPS provides temporary power to maintain continuous operation of the using equipment when the power grid having problems (such as loss of power, voltage spikes, frequency the limit of allow, other issues…) for a period of time with limited capacity according to the capabilities of UPS. Therefore UPS be applied in the important field to ensure that equipment is running smoothly.


With data centers, UPS systems have the advantage:

  • UPS Systems help immediate protection when the power is interrupted, extend the life of electrical equipment
  • UPS often used to protect computers, networking equipment, telecommunications equipment or electrical equipment that when power off can disrupt work, loss of data make serious damage.
  • UPS with capacity from small (200VA) to large (enough to protect both the data center or building).


Pente provides calculates solution to use the device UPS, Battery with fit the capacity of the client systems, ensure no wastage of resources and equipment …

UPS Technical Solution for engine room:

+ N Solution is the solution only 1 UPS systems provides power to the device

+ 2N Solution  are two independent UPS systems provides power to the system, when a UPS have a problem, the device will use power of remaining UPS

+ N+1 Solution is the solution 2 synchronizing UPS system then provides power to the device

Depending on specific requirements, the specific function device can use one of three solutions.


Some of the UPS solutions that Pente provides:

  • Eaton's UPS systems and products
  • APC’s UPS systems and products
  • Emerson’s UPS systems and products

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