30/06/2016 - 12:06

In large enterprise networks often have to store the database, huge number of mail on to TB. Therefore the deployment of storage for storing data is really needed. The storage system must meet the high availability and support for multiple servers can access.

With experience in implementing storage systems for large enterprises in Vietnam, now we offer storage solutions of today's top vendors

1. HP Storage 3PAR

 HP 3PAR enabling customers to improve the response time of the application with the intelligent control feature for optimizing the process of read / write data to meet the technological use of Flash drives. Besides, it helps reduce the load cache automatically with the ability to adjust operations from cache to flash drives in a flexible manner consistent with demand. 


2. IBM Storwize V7000 Unified 

This is disk storage system mid-range, efficient and simpler for both data blocks (block) and file formats on the same system. Thanks to the ability to support of virtualization, centralized and distributed storage layer, IBM Storwize V7000 Unified advanced level of preparedness, the ability to allocate resources according to needs, and provides easy management capacity as transplant groups, data replication, multi-protocol support and a new generation user interface graphically. In addition, this new storage solution is very efficient and saves for both new storage resources and existing storage resources in the IT infrastructure of enterprises.


3. IBM XIV Storage System Gen3 

This is the 3rd generation disk storage system enterprises, the latest generation of the product line's reputation IBM XIV storage, with hardware being upgraded to enhance performance for loading applications with the most rigorous demands as virtualization, analysis and cloud computing. IBM XIV Storage System Gen 3 is a high-end disk storage solution and multifunctional based grid computing architecture, helps improve performance and greater scalability with reasonable cost and simplicity in use.


4. IBM System Storage DS8000 Release 6.2 (DS8800) 

DS8000 is senior storage systems, a new solution with high performance and optimization storage improvements capabilities, allows organizations and enterprises to manage more various workloads efficiently and automatically without the intervention of administrators.


5. Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform – VSP

With the latest addition to Hitachi VSP product line - with the model G200, G400, G600 G800 - Pente meet the requirements of customers from low-level system to the mainframe system with a product line. The expansion of the range of powerful software features are integrated into Hitachi SVOS allowed VSP to bring storage virtualization naturally and storage availability multi-site active-active - as well as the function of immigration, replication and data management. Now, customers can choose the system based on the actual needs for capacity, performance and cost to meet their business objectives, rather than based on the difference in function.
Features and Benefits:

  • Provides consistently performance, accelerated by flash with active flash tiering and top IOPS (1.4M sub-millisecond IOPS).
  • Eliminate the usually fault point at most of midrange system with a new architecture based on VSP G1000.
  • Achieve 100% uptime and protection resist data loss at the site with features global-active device.
  • Automatically allocate and apply protection policies by application with advanced storage administrator.
  • Administration of centralized storage and move to a software-defined infrastructure with the leading storage virtualization.

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