SMCS Solution for Smart Office/ Smart Building

30/09/2017 - 02:27


The proliferation of more advanced technology means the way people do business is ever-changing. Developments such as the Internet of things (IoT) present a variety of diverse opportunities across many industries, remaking the modern workplace and streamlining its operations.

This shift is evident in the trend toward creating the so-called Smart office – also known as the responsive or digital workplace — in which technology is used to make the physical work environment intelligent and adaptable to company workflows.

A smart office will be a tech-heavy office that will leverage technology to automate routine and everyday tasks to really optimize how we do work. Smart offices will boost productivity by freeing up employee time to do real work — the work technology can’t do.

However, unlike the previous trends in Industry 3.0, the systems are merely centrally managed through SCADA, the Smart Monitoring & Controlling System (SMCS) from Pente Technologies towards more efficient exploitation and use of the system. For example, researching the user’s UI / UX experience and towards management through Cloud Computing and Mobile App (iOS, Android). These are important changes in the industry of intelligent building operation and management that we look forward to. In addition, the use of communication protocols such as Modbus, BACNet, RS-232, RS-485… of previous systems has researched and developed by us to create a new communication protocol based on IP. This IP-based technology offers to increase the speed and capacity of data transmission is much larger and exploitation of available WiFi system in buildings to reduce wiring work to be very unattractive and costly. With the adoption of Cloud Computing, Mobile App and Big Data, we are geared towards the digital age and focus on the emergence of the 4.0 revolution.

Mobile App interface of SMCS - Smart Office

The specialty of running a smart office is how to control inanimate devices, integrate multiple product solutions on a single platform, and exploit the data to make the operation more efficient.

Economic efficiency

  • SMCS will automatically manage, operate and optimize the equipment system to minimize energy consumption and increase equipment lifecycle by modifying load, time, frequency operation of equipment (pump, air conditioning system, elevator system…). This will contribute to reducing energy costs, reducing repair costs and correcting incidents in time.
  • SMCS operates on the basis of programmable timeline events, thus requiring a little level of human intervention and supervision. This will reduce the cost of hiring labor and ensure that all technical systems operate more reliably.
  • SMCS provides a very friendly graphical interface with operator and manager. Users only need to train in a short time, no need to deep understand technical systems but everything is still in the palm of the hand. This will reduce the cost of training and hiring high-tech specialists.
  • SMCS system is reasonable and is a high solution, optimizing the cost of investment, operation and meet future expansion requirements.

SMCS towards the trend of industrial revolution 4.0

  • SMCS applies the most advanced scientific and technical achievements in the fields of electronics, telecommunications, information technology to make buildings smarter, more efficient management and more convenient.

Ensure security requirements

  • Information focusing mechanism in the entire device to the central processing unit helps users easily identify the status of the equipment, operate and troubleshoot issues (blackouts, damage, fire … ).
  • With the integrated security system, you can be assured of the safety of the users in the building, keeping your personal information secure without losing your comfort.

More convenient for building users

  • SMCS is always transparent with staff working in the building. When using the SMCS system, they do not have to worry about turning off the lights or conditioner when the work is over, not having to manually adjust the temperature when it is too hot or too cold. SMCS will automatically send the notification to the operator station and send the message to the manager via the mobile network.
  • The integration of many features in the device makes the user feel comfortable. For example, it is always convenient to go in and out for 24 hours, set the temperature easily, set the time, monitor the outside weather and the management information of the building.



Energy Monitoring and Management

  • Control, remote monitoring and onsite entire electrical system.
  • Control of power system monitoring (grid or generator)
  • Data statistics, reporting (consumption, the power consumption of each department, each area in the building).
  • Early warning of errors, incidents (overload, explosives …) can occur for the system.

Management of meeting room system

  • Manage, schedule, cancel meetings for meeting rooms
  • Prepare the necessary conditions (environment, lighting, electricity) for the meeting rooms before the start and end of the meeting.
  • Notice to individuals about the meeting schedule or cancel the meeting through e-mail system
  • Statistics and reports data on monthly, quarterly and annual.

Access control

  • Track incoming and outgoing traffic through an access control system
  • Issue warnings about unauthorized access
  • Turn on the alarm system when needed
  • Statistics and report about access status, in and out.

Manage, control and monitor the working environment

  • Measurement of working environment (temperature, humidity, smoke, CO2 concentration …) in office
  • Implement measures to improve the quality of work environment (turn on/off air conditioning, fresh air pump…) for each area.
  • Statistics, reporting data about the quality of the working environment.
  • Early warning about the poor quality of the working environment.

Electronic fence system management integrated with surveillance camera

Detect unreachable access to systems based on human behavior to avoid false positives.​​

Fire protection

  • Combined with the current fire alarm system and gives the notification about safety status of the building.

Mobile Apps

  • Allows control, monitoring on computers, tablets and smartphones with iOS and Android apps.

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