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SMCS design is based on the recognition of the entire operation of the equipment, using energy sector (server rooms, data center rooms, workshops...) through the sensor system (temperature, environment, moving, smoke and dust...).

Information is transmitted to central administration module via the connection such as wireless, ZigBee, LAN... With the information received from these sensors, the system will real-time display all the activities going on in the monitor area.

Continuously operation

To ensure that the system is operated continuous and flexible, SMCS is split into two segments: automatic or manipulations via the central control cabinet.

With automatic mechanism, the whole operation is managed via the interface allows direct impact on the 3D images to the control, adjust to the available features.

Smart Connection

All the modules are closely connected to the exchange of data analysis. Each input source are recorded on a sensor system that monitors electrical power from the power grid or generator.

The intelligent connections from the central control device and Aptomat also support closely monitor power supply to Aptomat of each device such as RACK cabinets, air conditioning systems, lighting systems…

Real-time monitoring

The system is operated and monitored in real time so that all activities and problem will be a record and timely warning.

This mechanism also allows administrators have an overview of the energy system are being used.

Support features Integration

Besides the features of energy monitoring, the system has also integrated the features of environmental, temperature, humidity, movement monitoring...

All the information will be recorded by sensors integrated with sensor modules. With that information, central administration system will display in graphs and alerts if exceeded permitted or automatically adjusted follow settings standards

Why’s SMCS?

  • Optimal monitoring and control capabilities: energy systems, IT systems, physical environment...

  • Support concurrently 2 control methods: focus and disperse

  • Support 03 management platforms: Windows Application, Web Application, Mobile Application on iOS and Android for flexible system control from your computer or phone

  • Intuitive and friendly interaction with users through the 2D, 3D administration interface

  • Automation and remote control

  • Crash warning, management and information processing guide with artificial intelligence (AI).

SMCS Mobile Apps interface


  • Your business systems will be always to ensure optimal and continuous operation. 
  • Convenient
  • Cost savings
  • Saving and optimizing energy consumption
  • Monitoring and managing everywhere, anytime.
  • Simple and quickly operation or implementation
  • High compatibility and availability.
  • Support features Integration, multimedia connection
  • Improve operational efficiency your organizational and system.
  • Improve performance and management efficiency of your system and organization. 



Module I: Energy Monitoring and Management

  • Optimize the energy usage and operation of the machinery, managing the power consumption of each power supply.
  • Manage problems related to the electrical system such as closing, disconnect, open, short circuit…
  • Analyze changes in energy usage, display and reporting accurately by audience and management.
  • The device is integrated with the electrical cabinets or traditional electrical equipment to upgrade into smart electrical appliances.

Module II: Environment monitoring

  • Monitoring the temperature, moisture, smoke, dust in space, in each predefined area.
  • The system integrates multiple sensors: environment, moving, temperature, moisture… to ensure environmental quality, optimize the operation of machines and people.

Module III: Smart Camera

  • Use the iSpy (open source) application as the Streaming Server to manage the cameras.
  • It is possible to push Streaming Video to iSpy’s Cloud for the purpose of exploitation and use.
  • Do not depend on camera brand.
  • Automatically capture images, take pictures when problems are predefined.

Module IV: Access control

  • Control the entry and warning if the doors system does not automatically close.
  • Ready to connect with other systems upon request through interactions such as RS-232, RS-485.
  • Record all the unusual open/close activities.

Module V: Fire prevention and fighting

  • Connect with fire prevention and fighting system through interactions RS-232, RS-485

Module VI: Smart connection

  • Exploit the available standards connectivity like WiFi with the stability and the ability to transmit data faster.
  • Support wireless connection standards: Wifi, Zigbee between components of the system such as: environmental sensor, connection line gauge.

Module VII: Distributed monitoring

  • From the central control system, all data is pushed up to Cloud at a frequency of 10s.
  • The SMCS Platform will provide reports based on the information provided (for all feature modules).
  • The SMCS system will provide APIs for Mobile Apps modules such as Android, iOS.
  • Users can access through or mobile apps to obtain information and reporting.

Module VIII: Physical information security

  • Record the illegal access to server rooms or locations that need to be controlled.
  • Record the effects such as vibration, sound, light... impact on the places need to be protected.
  • Record the effects of the power to the system: power off, power on, electrical pulses…

Module IX: Centralized management software

  • The interface is designed to manage and controls all objects in the form of 3D, 2D.
  • Integrated system monitoring features: consumption status, displaying information about the environment in real time, notification of upcoming events, extract reports… easier to follow and monitor the manufacturing activities.
  • Troubleshooting guide for each phenomenon in the system.
  • Compatible with other systems via the available libraries.

Smart monitoring and controlling system_Datasheet

Smart monitoring and controlling system_Brochure

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