Smart Monitoring and Controlling System - Data Center (SMCS - DC)

12/06/2017 - 06:13



SMCS-DC is designed for data center systems (DC) and based on the recognition of the entire operation of the equipment, using energy sector (server rooms, data center rooms, workshops...) through the sensor system (temperature, environment, moving, smoke and dust...).

Information is transmitted to central administration module via the connection such as wireless, ZigBee, LAN... With the information received from these sensors, the system will real-time display all the activities going on in the monitor area.

Continuously operation

To ensure that the system is operated continuous and flexible, SMCS is split into two segments: automatic or manipulations via the central control cabinet.

With automatic mechanism, the whole operation is managed via the interface allows direct impact on the 3D images to the control, adjust to the available features.

Smart Connection

All the modules are closely connected to the exchange of data analysis. Each input source is recorded on a sensor system that monitors electrical power from the power grid or generator.

The intelligent connections from the central control device and Aptomat also support closely monitor power supply to Aptomat of each device such as RACK cabinets, air conditioning systems, lighting systems…

Real-time monitoring

The system is operated and monitored in real time so that all activities and problem will be the record and timely warning.

This mechanism also allows administrators have an overview of the energy system are being used.

Support features Integration

Besides the features of energy monitoring, the system has also integrated the features of environmental, temperature, humidity, movement monitoring...

All the information will be recorded by sensors integrated with sensor modules. With that information, central administration system will display in graphs and alerts if exceeded permitted or automatically adjusted follow settings standards.



Module I: Energy Monitoring and Management

  • Management power consumption with each power supply, PDU on RACK cabinet, electrical outlets on each PDU...
  • Management issues related to electrical systems such as disconnecting, open, close, short circuit …
  • Support on the 3-phase, 1-phase power supply cabinets. Record the information about electrical current consumers on each phase in real time.
  • Analysis of changing, exactly display the power consumption.
  • Upgrade the traditional electrical cabinets into a smart electrical cabinet.

Module II: Environment monitoring

  • Monitoring the temperature in space, in each predefined area.
  • Monitoring moisture by locations, areas.
  • Monitoring of smoke, dust by locations, areas.
  • The system integrates multiple sensors: environment, moving, temperature, moisture…

Module III: Smart Camera

  • Record the changing of the system.
  • Image capture and automatically send the system irregularity image to the administrator.
  • According to moving, temperature, moisture sensor... to alerts the user.
  • Film and take pictures only when having events

Module IV: Access control

  • Control the entry and warning if the doors system does not automatically close.
  • Ready to connect with other systems upon request through interactions such as RS-232, RS-485.
  • Record all the unusual open/close activities

Module V: Fire prevention and fighting

  • Connect with fire prevention and fighting system through interactions RS-232, RS-485

Module VI: Monitoring the operation of generators & ATS

  • Electrical current monitoring system: power grid and generators.

Module VII: UPS Monitoring

  • UPS monitoring system

Module VIII: Physical information security

  • Record the illegal access to server rooms or locations that need to be controlled.
  • Record the effects such as vibration, sound, light... impact on the places need to be protected.
  • Record the effects of the power to the system: power off, power on, electrical pulses…

Module IX: Centralized management software

  • The interface is designed to manage all objects in the form of 3D controls: sensors, electrical cabinets, lamps, RACK, PDU…
  • System management interface in 2D allows administrators can understand the system architecture.
  • Monitoring power consumption status in real-time, phase deviation calculation, offset lines, notification system events.
  • Displays information about temperature, moisture, environment, toxic gases... in real time and in the form of graphs, allows administrators to assess environment status by time….
  • Troubleshooting guide for each phenomenon in the system.
  • Compatible with other systems via the available libraries.

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