Sercurity Consulting Servives

11/08/2017 - 01:35

The Big Picture:

  • Accelerate business objectives and achieve a flexible and secure information infrastructure
  • Develop an information risk strategy that optimizes business and technical requirements
  • Simplify the cost and complexity of compliance

Pente’s Security Consulting Services is available and ready when your organization would like to improve procedures and controls for current and future security challenges. we can quickly help you meet your information and network security needs.


Today’s business is changing fast. Increasingly global business processes, growing compliance requirements and heightened expectations for more flexible information technology are placing new demands on information security. Businesses not only require security to protect information from loss and misuse, but to foster innovation, reduce the complexity and cost of compliance, and provide security for emerging IT environments such as virtualization and private cloud.

Your security organization faces significant challenges. You need to align changing business objectives with information security strategies, architectures and operations, to assure that the right people have access to the right information over a trusted infrastructure. You also need to provide the secure information infrastructure that is cost-effective and easy to manage.

To help you address these challenges and manage your information risks according to your business requirements, a broad range of business and technology skills and capabilities are demanded:

  • Avoid Identify vulnerabilities within your security infrastructure and software
  • Resolve threats for clients
  • Develop plan for necessary preventive measures
  • Utilize penetration testing techniques for deeper analysis of your security infrastructure
  • Develop policies, internal controls and workflow to improve overall security readiness
  • Recommend to changes architecture and design help better use the available infrastructure


We identify potential security exposures and get your organization prepared to defend the next threat

Security consulting services by Peter helps manage risk in information technology, information security and maximizing the potential of information technology.

Construction and improvement of information technology systems and security system according to international standards.

Service is very flexible and supports a maximum to meet when implementing a new infrastructure, when deployment changing network system design, network infrastructure, when moving systems, when employed system expansion and upgrade applications and services

  • Identify the vulnerabilities: We actively check the IT infrastructure for known threats.
  • Deeper analysis: We use intrusion simulations on different attack scenarios to determine possible consequences.
  • Assess your overall security position:  Identity which security gaps leave you open to specific threats, and clarify their potential impact.
  • Review your internal controls
  • Recommend policies and workflow: Our industry best-practices recommendations help boost your internal security processes.


We assess, identify and recommend ways to remove the threats

The Pente’s Security Consulting Services engagement lets you draw upon the experience of our skilled consultants. We can work with you to assess your current security posture, proactively identify the security vulnerabilities within your infrastructure and offer recommendations to resolve them.

  • Assess IT infrastructure: We test and probe looking for vulnerabilities in your network applications and overall security position.
  • Identify the exposures: We work with customized tools and methodologies to find the weaknesses in your deployment.
  • Immediate remediation: We recommend measures to resolve identified threats.


Reviews and designs to incorporate overall security policy best practices

Time and change often work together to degrade the security of your infrastructure. Pente’s Security Consulting Services offers the experienced security resources skilled in reviewing, adjusting or building a more secure IT environment.

  • Review controls and policies: We check your existing internal controls and policies for effectiveness and enforcement.
  • Recommend changes: We propose best-practice modifications to internal controls and policies.
  • Architecture and design:  If necessary, we recommend changes to IT platforms.


Detailed reporting and analyses

The key to any successful engagement is the ability to take action and resolve exposures. Pente Security Consulting Services will deliver prioritized recommendations that maximize overall security and protection levels.

  • Security design report: This report allows you to execute a step-by-step approach to improving your infrastructure and supporting policies.
  • Vulnerability penetration test: The prioritized findings enable you to quickly determine a course of action.


Pente’s Security Consulting Services - professional and differences

Services can be used by your organization to assess and resolve suspected security vulnerabilities within your IT infrastructure.

Security Consulting addresses the business and people aspects—policies, procedures, internal controls and workflow - to make sure they align correctly with and meet the appropriate level of data protection.


What's you get?

  • Experienced consultants skilled in the latest security techniques
  • Customized security consulting approach based on your requirements
  • Develop customized security policies to address your needs and industry best practices
  • Testing performed in accordance with recognized professional methodologies
  • Detailed report highlighting key findings and recommendations

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