Risk Prevention & Troubleshoot Service

02/12/2016 - 03:43

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Pente’s Risk Prevention & Troubleshoot Service will turn your issue, into a solution.


System running slow or abnormal? You have risk be lost or damage the data? System has stopped working?... IT systems always faced with the potential risks and unforeseeable. These are directly affect to production, business, or provide services activities of business.

In addition, the costs of prevention and reduce risks has been proven is less than the cost to fix the problem. Therefore, risk management is one of the indispensable plan of the overall business plan of a company, which is also one of the lead factors to the success of the enterprise.

Risk Prevention & Troubleshoot Service of Pente will help businesses proactively before the incident involves IT systems. With the experience and skills of leading expert team, Pente’s service help you:

  • Troubleshoot quickly and effectively the risks
  • Ensur for IT systems always operate with optimum performance and reasonable expenses
  • Plan comprehensive risk prevention from the begin
  • Recognize the potential risk of the business and timely corrective measures
  • Minimize the losses,  damage to equipment and the entire IT systems of enterprise
  • Ensure for IT systems efficient operation after fix and troubleshoot


Risk Prevention & Troubleshoot Service from Pente include:

  1. Risk assessment, analysis of business impact and analyze the deficiencies

Identify the risks, incidents, identify the implications and provide specific recommendations to remove or reduce risks.

      2. Define requirements and objectives of business

Through understanding the business operations, we will determine the IT system's core of enterprise and related components for each priority. Since then, make optimal plans to troubleshoot.

      3. Plan to reduce risks

Plan to prevent risks or troubles are conducted separately at request and characteristics of business. The system restore requires consistent with investment plan and the specific needs of the business. Risks reduction plans are made, screening, and update continuously.

      4. Troubleshooting

Determine time and objectives to troubleshoot. In the shortest time, enterprise will have an effective implementation plan, comprehensive and detail.

  • Destruction of virus, spyware, malware and rootkit on the system  
  • Fix the problem of operating system and test the appropriate functions
  • Implement critical system updates
  • Apply modify system
  • Offering solutions, recommendations to help prevent trouble in the future
  • Supports or direct deploy to reinstall a new system, make sure optimized for enterprise.

      5. Troubleshoot Report

Management, report, measure the ability to troubleshoot, from which, aims to improve the quality and efficiency of services.



Pente - professional and different with the same service provider:

  • Time to troubleshoot quickly and efficiently, reduce the damage to the minimum, and restore the system as quickly as possible
  • Our IT engineers team with experience,  highly specialized and the latest technology
  • Simple, the cost transparency, no hidden costs and other incremental charges
  • Customers are not required to sign long-term contracts. Pente build customer relationships through long-term performance and value of work
  • Services support and customer care 24/7/365 by Pente’s experts.

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