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11/08/2017 - 01:36

How do you really know if your sensitive data is secure? Even the best developers can accidentally miss secure coding steps, or fail to implement the latest secure coding practices.


More than 75% of web application compromises are due to SQL injection attacks - attacks that take advan- tage of insecure code. While many companies rely on automated scanners to detect common vulnerabilities, these scanners might be unable to identify unique vulnerabilities. Manual penetration testing conducted by experienced security experts is the most accurate way to discover vulnerabilities that hackers may use to compromise a network.

As your trusted data security and compliance partner, Pente provides real-world expertise in the methods professional hackers use to exploit vulnerabilities in your environment. Under your direction, Pente penetration test analysts literally hack into your environment, document how they hacked   in, and guide you to fix the vulnerabilities and prevent future compromises. Pente penetration test analysts work with you before, during, and after your penetration test to discover and eliminate weaknesses in your web applications and network environment that potentially open the door to compromised security,  data loss, regulatory fines, and loss of business.

By taking advantage of Pente penetration testing you can:

  • Avoid the costs and headaches of lawsuits, Regulatory fines and penalties, expensive forensics analysis, and loss of business revenue
  • Enjoy peace of mind that your sensitive data is secure 
  • Protect your reputation and customer loy-alty by avoiding devastating and embar-rassing negative publicity associated with compromise.


The Pente team of analysts leverages its expertise and experience with the newest and most effective attack methodologies to analyze your network security and exploit any hidden vulnerabilities. As part of its full line of compliance and security offerings, Pente provides application and external and internal  network  penetration  testing,  which includes the following:

  1. Assessment of the network infra-structure 
  • Assessment network structure.
  • Assessment the security measures to be established.
  • Assessment of compliance with the stan-dards.
  • Assessment systems (firewall, ...)
  • Assessment device detection and intrusion prevention devices VPN IPS
  • Assessment Assessment Router / Switch


  1. Assessment of the host system
  • Windows and Linux Servers
  • Assessment versions, updates, configure-ation services, patches, policies account and password, logging policy, reviewing grant...
  • The ability to reserve, balance downloaded, distributed data base ...


  1. Assessment of Web Applications   
  • Assessment from the outside
  • Assessment from the inside


To help you better understand how secure your environ- ment really is, when you engage Pente for your penetration test, you will  benefit from the following:

  • Full-Service Vendor: With expertise in compliance assessments, forensic  incident response, vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, card data discovery, security appliances, PA-DSS application security assessments, training, and consulting; Pente offers a comprehensive solution to your compliance and data security needs.
  • Educated Security Insights: Pente educates  you  throughout  the  engagement to help you understand the discovered    vulnerabilities, how to remediate them, and how to improve coding practices to prevent additional  vulnerabilities.
  • Accurate and Understandable Results: Pente gives you the facts on every aspect of your penetration test through detailed reports easily understood by both engineers and business managers.
  • Fair, No-Surprise Pricing: Pente strives to offer simple and straightforward pricing with a single bid that won’t change.
  • No Long-Term Contracts: Pente never locks you into a long-term contract.
  • Follow-up Tests: Since remediating vul- nerabilities can be an iterative process, Pente includes up to five follow up penetration tests to help ensure proper remediation.
  • Responsive Support: Throughout the pene-tration test process, Pente security analysts are easy to reach and respond quickly to your questions and requests.


A Higher Standard for Penetration Testing

Pente differentiates itself from other penetration testing providers by offering the following:

  • Trusted leadership from experienced assessors
  • Hands-on, interactive penetration testing con- ducted by security experts who research system software vulnerabilities and attempt to exploit them
  • Compliance with international standards of security assessment system (Open-source Web Application Security Project – OWASP, Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual – OSSTMM…)
  • More than just vulnerability identification, Pente provides a report that outlines the exploit potential behind each vulnerability with detail-ed security best-practice steps for remedyati-on
  • Ability to communicate your vulnerabilities and needed remediation in terms easily understood by both engineers and managers
  • A commitment to take the time to understand your operations and processes, enabling Pente to accurately scope the cost and effort of the penetration test
  • Simple, straightforward pricing with no hidden charges or add-on fees
  • Assurance that when you have questions or sup- port issues you can talk to a live person, not an answering machine or e-mail queue
  • Establishment of long-term customer relation- ships through performance, value, and integrity rather than mandatory long-term  contracts

Pente is one of the pioneer company in Vietnam operating in the field of data security assessment. 

Penetration Testing Services from Pente suitable for all sizes of business and commercial level. Pente support management and protect network infrastructure, data communications, and other IT assets. As a partner of many network security provider in domestic and international, Pente has available tools to helps enterprises prevent the security risks, caused data loss or disruption of business processes.

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