Monitoring System

30/06/2016 - 12:03

Administration tools help network administrators easily for the management and monitoring system, we provide the following management solutions:               

1. Cisco Prime Infrastructure Software

With growth faster and faster in both techniques used in the system and the number of devices, the workload that the system administrator needs to do is enormous, so to support the administrator monitoring and checking of equipment in the system, the solution is Cisco Prime Infrastructure.
Cisco Prime Infrastructure (PI) is the Cisco’s system management solutions product kit, including LAN Management Solution and Network Control System in Campus network systems and branches network at the distal end.
Cisco PI provides support tasks for the administrator easy to maintenance and centralized management devices in the system. Cisco PI provides support tasks the administrator as follows:

Design: With this task, administrators easily make plans, create profiles to put down for the equipment for the deployment - integration of new services and new technologies in the system, create the template is used for the management of resources in the system (the transmission line, the device …)

Deploy: Scheduled for simultaneous deployment configurations to the devices in the system, as well as updating the new version, the patches for the device. This simultaneously deployment will reduce deployment costs and reduce errors in the process of integrating.

Operate:  software support to show dashboards, widgets to provide device status monitoring predetermined time, provide timely information for administrators and support administrators launched the solution in case network has the problem.

Report: Supply report types for the administrator, from device configuration reports to device status, or statistics events occurring on the device and in the whole system…

Administer: provide a set of workflow support the maintenance and testing of applications, equipment, user or updates, from which administrators can make decisions in matters related.

Cisco PI making processes supports administrators to manage the system as follows:

With this approach, Cisco PI provide a simple and effective method to manage wireless networks and wired networks by above tasks processes to manage the entire network equipment system including: Router, Switch, wireless controller, access point v.v..

Cisco Prime Infrastructure software is installed on a server within the system partition manage as the server for other administrative.
With this model, all of the devices in the system will be focus management on the Cisco Prime Infrastructure software, and devices are manage via protocol Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP).
In addition, the software also make reports with the number of samples predefined reports is quite a lot suitable to demand of a variety of systems. Based on these reports, the administrator will have the statistics with high accuracy, from which to make the necessary policy imposed on the system help the system more stable operation.
Cisco Prime software supports the feature display reports in graphical form, making the images, color and not only the numbers or data difficult to read and statistics.                                             


2. Management PRTG Solution: is one of the management software widely used in the system, which helps administrators manage and monitor the device is operating in network infrastructure.

This software allows:

  • Easy to install
  • Automatically search for devices in the system
  • Monitoring system 24/7
  • Alert the user case of incidents
  • Manage bandwidth usage
  • Manage the device of many companies such as Cisco, Citrix, Windows, Oracle, HP, Dell ...
  • Support for multiple languages
  • Export reports showing the status of the system

PRTG is the solution that widely used around the world, with many individual, business used for the purpose of monitoring and system infrastructure.


3. Cacti system monitoring software: is a system management solution combined with the network graphic (chart systems), software storage all the information needed to create the system chart. In addition to the system administrator features as other management software, Cacti allows integration of plugins developed based on the needs of the administrator.

Some outstanding features from Cacti:

  • Supply usage graph (Graph Network)
  • Data Source: features internal information collection or ở   distal to build management chart
  • Data Gathering: is the mechanism allow the administrator to use the code (script) to collect information on demand
  • Graph Display: building tree graph allows users to easily manage and monitor infrastructure


4. Nagios System monitoring software: is the monitoring platform, open source management allow scheduling data collection, and alerting of error components in the monitoring process. Provides some API so that the administrator can write add on modules purpose system administrator.

Nagios offers products such as:

  • Nagios XI
  • Nagios Log Server
  • Nagios Network Analyzer
  • Nagios Fusion
  • Nagios Incident Manager
  • Nagios Reactor
  • Nagios Core

Nagios provides management solutions such as:

  • Monitoring of network services such as SMTP, POP3, HTTP, SNMP, FTP, SSH…
  • Monitoring use resource  of the operating system device (processor load, disk usage, system log)
  • Monitoring of remote device via scripts
  • Allows remote monitoring support via SSH or SSL tunnel
  • Allows users to easily develop private services used on Nagios with many different languages such as: Shell Scripts, C++, Perl, Ruby, Python, PHP, C# …
  • Allow defined type of event handler when events occur in the process of monitoring
  • Allow alerts administrators via email, SMS…
  • Display WEB interface to check the status of infrastructure, log files, error history …

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