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02/12/2016 - 03:36

You need it. We got it.

Get the network you need without the commitment


IT Equipment and Human resource can meet the demands of  internal communication & customer information have an important role for the development of enterprises. However, not all of companies have enough resources to invest in personnel and professional equipment to deploy, operate the Networks system. For growing businesses, choosing a system that meets their needs today is difficult, and anticipating what systems they may need tomorrow is nearly impossible.

If your company needs to fill short-term demands or has immediate needs for IT equipment and Human resource with limited capital available, Pente offers a perfect solution to you in the form of rental.

Pente’s Rental Services meet immediate the demands to use Human resource and devices, systems information technology infra-structure, while our customers:

  • not financial investments at one time with large initial costs
  • no need to worry about system main-tenance or problems arise during operation
  • minimize the investment costs and save a maximum budget
  • Address the needs of using IT Human resource and equipment in the short term


Rental Services

We give you a choice:

Go with traditional IT partners who limit your options and dictate terms, or work with an innovative IT services provider who gives you control.

It's your network — take it back.

Pente provide equipment such as switches, routers, IP telephony, and many joint products of Cisco, Juniper, Brocade/Foundry, Extreme and other leading manufacturers.

  1. Switch 
  • Switch layer2, layer 3 from Cisco (2960 Series, 3560 Series, 3750 Series, 3650 Series - integrated Wireless Controller...)
  • Switch HP, Allied Telesis…
  1. Routers

Cisco Router 1800 Series, Cisco Router 1900 Series, Cisco 2800 Series, Cisco 2900 Series, Cisco 3900 Series …

  1. Firewall/ IPS

The product line: ASA 5500 Series, Source Fire…)

  1. Other security equipment: F5, Checkpoint…


Lab Online

With the aim to support individuals and organizations have conditions to practice, research or training certificates international network administrator. Pente offers Lab online rental services ensures practical conditions of each course as follows:

  • CCNA Lab Kit
  • CCNP Lab Kit
  • CCIE Lab Kit
  • Rental lab online for Enterprise

Pente supply all kinds of newest equipment from Cisco, including routers 2800, 2900, 3900 Series, switch 2960, 3560, switchboard equipment, Voice, Access Point, ASA 5500X Series.., IPS, Source Fire, F5, video conferencing equipment...


IT Human Resources

With the aim of saving time and cost of finding, training and maintaining staff for Enterprise, Pente providers leasing IT human resource service with following advantages:

  • Personnel are well trained, have deep expertise in each field.
  • Professional working style, efficient service.
  • Abundance sector serves
  1. IT Outsourcing

+ Hardware engineer

+ Software engineer

+ System deployment engineer

  1. IT HelpDesk

Pente’s IT HelpDesk Services will provide IT human resources, onsite and support the technical works at the requested location.

Pente’s IT engineers will work as a IT HelpDesk dedicated department and handling IT issues of customer.

Pente provide IT HelpDesk Service packages with the number of personnel and working time depends on the requirements and business purposes, as well as the size of the system and the practical needs of the customer.

Pente will advise for free the matching service packages to best support your demand.



Customers can rent all kinds of IT equipment and Human resource from the short-term to long-term with many benefits:

  • Equipment matching with the needs and purposes of use with optimized costs
  • Selection newest, dedicated and high stability of technology and IT equipment
  • Supply Equipment Package from system setup to install the application on demand (customer is responsible for software license if applicable)
  • Support/ leasing experts, IT human resource to ensure technical support for the duration of rental equipment
  • Save investment cost of new equipment
  • Do not pay attention to the cost of depre-ciation
  • Customers can advance planning invest-ment and maintain information systems costs
  • Change delivery Policy for rental error equipment within 24H
  • Rental Services fast and professional
  • Technical Support 24x7x365

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