IT Outsourcing

30/06/2016 - 11:48

The most important resource for ensure the long-term development and stability of the business is the human resources. Businesses are aware of the importance of internal human resources and efforts to improve quality, build the core staff, senior personnel, managers, professionals and finding for talent, building alternative human resource solutions.

However with the fierce competition in the market is the underground competition between enterprises on recruitment market. The number human resource was trained from universities, colleges, secondary now always excess than recruitment demand, but to find the human resource with quality, expertise, full skills to meet the work requirements is always an big question.

To save time and cost of hiring, training, building of the human resource contingent for business, Pente provides IT human resource services with the following advantages:

  • HR are well trained, have deep expertise in each sector.
  • Working style professional, efficient service.
  • Abundance scope of serves

Human resources to meet the professional requirements to serve the demands of the enterprise:

  • Software engineer
  • Hardware Engineer
  • Systems deployment Engineer

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