IT HelpDesk Service

30/06/2016 - 11:37

IT Helpdesk is a support department, is the only connection point from the user to the IT department. And measure to assess the success of the operations supported by IT Helpdesk is satisfaction of users.

With the aim of serve customers in the best way, Pente provides IT HelpDesk Services - IT human resources for lease, technical support at the location that customer requirements.

Our services take care of all your IT helpdesk support solutions needs. You get better efficiency the cost of an in house IT support team. If you consider IT plans to be a burden on your company, let us help you turn it into a valuable asset that makes you better than the competition.

Pente's IT HelpDesk Services include:

  • Diagnose errors of personal computers and provide technical support.
  • Software, hardware troubleshoot and network access issues.
  • Guide end users to set up and use new technologies.
  • Implement backup and restore files and data directory of organizations and enterprises.
  • Support for installation, configuration and software upgrade of personal computers and operating systems.
  • ...

Pente provide IT resources with experienced and professional working attitude, follow the standard procedure of support throughout the customer's IT system.

We provide IT HelpDesk Service packages with the number of personnel and working time depending on the requirements and business purposes, as well as the size of the system and the practical needs of the customer. Pente will advise the matching service packages to best support the needs of customers.
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