Fire Protection Infrastructure

30/06/2016 - 11:59

Most of the fires by humans directly detect is fires that have appeared and developed for a long time (from tens of minutes to hours). So the essence is how to detect early and extinguish the fire immediately after forming, reduces damage, and meet the needs of fire prevention and fire fighting immediately?

Today, the automatic fire alarm and automatic firefighting devices was applied very widely. This system will help people quickly and accurately detect when fire occurrence, and can extinguish the fire as quickly as possible.

With the aim of detecting and handling the fire immediately after the formation and development, Pente has developed implement and automatic fire alarm systems solutions for computer rooms, include:

1. Automatic fire alarm system

  • Automatic fire alarm systems by region: Is the automatic fire alarm system have fire alarm function to an area, a location (can have one or more fire detectors). Protected area of an area from 10 to 2000 m².
  • Automatic fire alarm system by address: Is the automatic fire alarm system have fire alarms ability accurately to the position of each individual detector. The area protected by a fire alarm address often a few dozen m². Differentiation can to hundreds m².


2. Automatic fire protection system for server room

It has the role automatically inert gases extinguishing spray on the fire area or prevent fire spread. The most common is CO2, N2, Argon, Inergen or FM200… is inert gases almost no affecting operating equipment.


3. Early Fire Warning System

The systems with transducers intake air on the center console to analyze, when detecting the concentration of smoke in the air will warning and help detect problems early.

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