Extra Low Voltage System Infrastructure - ELV

30/06/2016 - 12:00

There are so many interrelated systems to form one complete block active for construction work. One of the most important systems is Extra Low Voltage System (ELV System).

Extra Low Voltage system in one construction work, whether large or small scale is divided into 2 parts: the construction and electromechanical parts.

Pente design, supply of equipment and implementation of the following systems:

  • Extra Low Voltage system for network equipment, computer office equipment
  • Extra Low Voltage system for Data center infrastructure, server room.
  • Extra Low Voltage system for CCTV: also known as Surveillance Camera systems, used for monitoring applications or security monitoring ….
  • Extra Low Voltage system for public adrress system, is sound system of public notice, to disseminate the information, message, notification and works emergency. In addition, this system have the ability to play background music music in the works.
  • Extra Low Voltage system for access control system: this is access control system in the works, to limit and manage the doors and the elevators
  • Extra Low Voltage system for fire alarm system: as the name, it is a system to detect and warn of fire in the building. It is often integrate firemen intercom system
  • Extra Low Voltage system for intrusion system: anti-theft system in the works
  • Car parking system: park car management system automatic and smart
  • Extra Low Voltage system for wireless broadband transmission system: used in signal transmission applications in these terrains can not pull strings.

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