Civil works

11/07/2017 - 05:04

Pente meets the demand of solution development and deployment of capital construction categories for the field of information technology such as: engine room data center, network system connecting several buildings, several regions with each other …

  • Floor system was designed with the appropriate height to facilitate operation and maintenance process, to ensure aesthetic because this system cover cables under the floor
  • Drywall System help fire protection to 2 hours, to ensure systems safe when has the problem, help the functional departments have time to troubleshoot.
  • Fire protection ceiling system ensures aesthetic and safety in case of incidents.
  • The curtain wall system in the data center is used to ensure the best observation space, increase aesthetics.
  • Fire protection door system ensures safety and security as well as when has the problem
  • Construction of the cable guidance system for industrial parks, factories, buildings…

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