CCTV Infrastructure

30/06/2016 - 11:58

Today, the demand for security supervision through camera system is increasing. Camera systems help increase safety for areas that need monitoring, while reducing human resource and still ensure information is monitored authentic.

With the feature record the image, daily activities, camera has become the smart device application for all areas of machine rooms, factories, schools... can record the details of the whole incident is happening at the place need to monitor. Everything becomes easier, users can remoteaccess via computer or smart phone with internet connection to monitor every activity is happening.


  • Easily manage and monitor remotely via computers and smart phones connected to the Internet.
  • Is a tool to control the situation, assess the capacity of staff and practical evidence in protecting the interests of the business ...
  • Reducing the human management cost, protection human resource ...
  • Easy to replace, upgrade, user and system administrator
  • Reduce investment and management costs.


Pente provides consulting services, design, equipment supply, installation deployment camera system according to the specific requirements of customers such as industrial parks, factories, engine room, schools, hospitals , office, family…
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