30/06/2016 - 12:01

Pente provide services to install and deploy the required components in the require business network as Active Directory, SQL, Sharepoint System…

1. Windows Server Active Directory

Active Directory is a Microsoft proprietary architecture. This is an indispensible architecture in Windows Server. Active Directory is understood as a directory service. Similar to directory services on other systems, Active Directory is a standardized system with centralized management capabilities perfect for users and resources in a network. Also need to pay attention, Active Directory is used in the network model, "Server - Client".


2. SQL

SQL Server stands for Structured Query Language. It is a data management tool commonly used in many sectors Most of the high-level languages have support SQL as Visual BASic,Oracle,Visual C...
It is designed to manage data in a management system relational database (RDBMS).
SQL is the language database, which is used to create, delete the database, take the rows and rows modified.


3. Sharepoint

SharePoint is a web-based product that Microsoft developed to serve multiple purposes and different user demand. Three groups of subjects using SharePoint includes:
– User: Using the features available in SharePoint (Collaboration, content management, search, automated workflows ...) for easy jobs merchandise business related information and documents, group work ... Users can also be easily changed, rearranged the available components and features for more convenience during use.
–  Specialist IT manager: Deploy a uniform web-based platform for creating, maintaining web applications serving the professional activities of a business or organization, such as teamwork web site, internal intranet, internet web site to promote enterprise, applications for business problems such as document management, project management, human resource management ….
– Programmer: Customize available features, expand, develop new features on the SharePoint platform to meet the needs of business / customer.

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