Startup Business with Pente’s new Service Package

04/08/2016 - 10:48

In 2016, Vietnam will focus efforts to create the second investment wave in the spirit of Start-up Nation. The application of the amended Investment Law, the amended Enterprise Law with the principles of modern, progressive content, high transparency, implementation of the Free Trade Agreement (FTA), ended negotiations Agreement Pacific partnership (TPP) and the formation of the ASEAN Community will open more opportunities and development space in the market. Currently, Vietnam has over 500,000 registered businesses, and target by 2020 would be 2 million businesses.

In that context, the term "Startup Business" is mentioned more than ever and become the subject attracted a large interest from the community. Startup Business is the beginning of the journey implementation the dream. However, startup business has never been an easy road. Any founder when startup business is faced with many difficulties: from the construction business ideas, looking for collaborators, partners, customer development, finding investment capital to the operation and management the business...


Any startup projects, whether big or small, are faced with an important problem is cost: the money and time needed to set up a new business, including regulatory and compliance costs, labor, infrastructure, and more. Costs for a startup business can generally be classified into six major categories:

  • Cost of sales: Product inventory, raw materials, manufacturing equipment, shipping, packaging, shipping insurance, warehousing. A substantial amount of upfront money is needed to fund your initial product inventory for sale.
  • Professional fees: Setting up a legal structure for your business (e.g., LLC, corporation), trademarks, copyrights, patents, drafting partnership and non-disclosure agreements, attorney and accountant fees for ongoing consultation.
  • Technology costs: Computer hardware, computer software, printers, cell phones, PDAs, website development and maintenance, high-speed Internet access, servers, security measures, IT consulting.
  • Administrative costs: Various types of business insurance, office supplies, licenses and permits, express shipping and postage, product packaging, parking, rent, utilities, phones, copier, fax machine, desks, chairs, filing cabinets—anything else you need on a daily basis to operate a business.
  • Sales and marketing costs: Printing of stationery, marketing materials, advertising, public relations, event or trade show attendance or sponsorship, trade association or chamber of commerce membership fees, travel and entertainment for client meetings, mailing or lead lists.
  • Wages and benefits: Employee salaries, payroll taxes, benefits, workers compensation.

Depending on the type of business (manufacturing, services, or retail), these costs will be a heavy burden for a startup project.


Furthermore, growth, traction, and expansion are always “top of the mind” among startup founders. This can diminish founders' ability to focus on core tasks, like building and iterating their product or service, handling of issues related to marketing and sales… When starting out in business, it can be difficult to keep all operations running smoothly and efficiently. Employing a small number of staff to deal with a large variety of different tasks is merely impossible.


One solution to address the limitations of a small team is to outsource and find the right tools. They outsource those functions that are not strategic but which must be performed to manage the business operations.

"Startup Business" service package by Pentel dedicated to new businesses, individuals and organizations have been and in the process of starting a business. Pente’s services provide a full package of solutions:

  • Consultancy and Management Website
  • Email System Deployment
  • Consultancy and Management IT systems
  • Rental of IT equipment, virtual server ...
  • Support the business establishment procedures

Now you can forget all about the hassle, complexity of the technical issues of internal operation to focus on developing what you do best.

Pente’s services help you minimize the cost of personnel, deployment and operation of IT systems, investment costs, depreciation of equipment... Pente give you service with lower costs and higher quality than you could replicate yourself.

With customer support policy - 24/7/365, Pente will always with you to build sustainable business platform, nurturing creativity and development.